Time Spent With the Harvard Classics – The Tempest – William Shakespeare

Written between 1610-1611, The Tempest is thought by many to be the last play that William Shakespeare wrote alone.  The plot is set on a remote island on the rightful Duke of Milan, Prospero (a sorcerer) seeks to restore his daughter, Miranda, to her rightful place using illusion and manipulation.  To do this, he conjures up a storm causing the usurper, Antonio (brother to Prospero) and his co-conspirator, King Alonso of Naples, to be shipwrecked on the isle.  After Antonio’s true nature is revealed, Alonso is redeemed and Miranda marries Alonso’s son, Ferdinand.

Scholastic research has found that many parts of this story were derived from multiple sources.  This play is an interesting mix of romantic tradition as well as tragicomedy, courtly masque and has a more organized style which many hold to be Shakespeare’s farewell to being a playwright.

You may read The Tempest in its entirety beginning here:



Alternatively, you can listen to The Tempest in an audiobook format here:



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