First Principles: Promote the Well Being of Your Community

“I have always, from my earliest youth, rejoiced in the felicity of my fellow-men; and have ever considered it as the indispensable able duty of every member of society to promote, as far as in him lies, the prosperity of every individual, but more especially of the community to which he belongs…”  – John Hancock

We are one huge and sometimes dysfunctional family.  We are America.  Just as we do not leave any family member behind and do not fail to look out for our own, so should we also look out for America.

Admittedly, we have made some mistakes along the way.  That does not tarnish the overall value of the grand American experiment that has brought more freedom and liberty than before in the history of mankind.  We learn from our mistakes and we grow.

That is the beauty of this experiment.  When others urge us to tear down the foundations, they are getting things precisely wrong.  We need to point to our history, learning from where we have been, seeing where we want to go, learning to grow, and using history as our measuring stick.

This idea that some have about tearing down and removing history?  That’s the stuff of a very flawed and failed Marxism.  Least we should forget, Marx has been discovered to be an outright devil worshipper writing poems and plays in honor of his master.  Like his master, Marx is a great deceiver.  To tear down one’s history and traditions is to lay the foundation not for rebuilding a better, brighter future but for mass destruction of civilization.

I’m not saying we don’t reserve the right to rightfully criticize and look boldly at errors made.  Self examination is how individuals grow.  It’s also how society grows.  But who among us starts our yearly resolutions off by burning down our house?  If you do?  Please stay away from me.  Grinning at that concept.  But, I think you get the point.  All this mass wash of disrespect for each other and our country?  That does nobody any good at all.

Right?  So, who is with me?  Any racism is wrong.  Pretending that the white race is the only ones who have made mistake shows a woeful ignorance of history – past, present, and probably into the future.

Do you want to talk about slavery?  Fine.  Why are we dwelling on the past?  There is more slavery today in this world than ever existed before.  Think that’s not true?  Do some research.  That’s the slavery we should all band together to be working on resolving.  Who’s with me?

This attempted dialog could go on for a very long time.  Instead, I’ll end it here.  The point is we are in this together.  We all bleed red.  We all fundamentally want good things for those we love and cherish and even those we don’t.  We’re a team.  Let’s stop practicing the not so fine art of political and personal destruction. And let it begin with you and me.  We’re a pretty great team when we let us be, aren’t we?










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