Sonic Gems: Miles Davis – Live Evil

Released on November 17, 1971, Live Evil is a mix of live and studio recordings by American Jazz musician Miles Davis.  Part of this album consisted of edited, lengthy jams in a Fusion/ jazz-rock style from a concert at the Cellar Door in 1970.  The other part of the album consists of renditions of compositions by Hermeto Pacoal.

This is a quintessential coming together of Davis’ vision of electric jazzy music with free structures and heavy undertones of rock rhythm as well as shorter ballads of mostly beauty coupled with bittersweet lines absent any inherent weak links.  Here you’ll find consummate musicians playing their butts off while passing their moods back and forth inspiring spurt of spirited musical genius spun into a collage of kinetic and unsettling sensuality. Evocative modalities blend melodies into a haunting quest for musical purity that sometimes actually meets that mark.

Out of a scale of 10, Aloha Promises Forever rates this album an eight.  Just shy of 10 because of the musical water treading through some portions of the jam sessions in which phantoms of ideas half developed muddy the waters into a sense of eccentricity that comes just short of full delivery.

You may listen to Live Evil in its entirety here:




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