Sneaking Suspicion

Devil's Point - Down At The Station

Would it be a wake up call
If you tried to learn it all
And realized there was more to know
Thank you ever really could
Would it be an ethical death row
To live your life striving to do good
And knowing there is more than you'd ever
Understand? Would you feel less than clever?

I try my very best to do good
Learning at the feet of those I should
Doing my best for a better tomorrow
Watching the world descend into dark sorrow
Holding on tight to all of those I love
Keeping my eyes raised, fixed on the above
And still I keep on getting it wrong
There are times that I wonder where I belong

Wondering who left these guys in charge
Wearing garish bling and pretending to live large
I see the false gold passing for swagger
And it gets too much as I start to stagger
Wondering who is right when everybody's wrong
And all we have left is to keep on being strong
Doing our best to keep walking in the light
And keep our compositions smoothly running tight

Trying hard to avoid negative interactions
Keeping discrete in my accountable reactions
Trail blazing into further contemplations
Taking my time in sharing explorations
Realizing that maybe some answers are best found
In bursting into the somewhat less than profound
Seeking my perfection in trying to keep it light
But, I have a sneaking suspicion, I won't get this right..

(c) November 4, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Panorama Art Gallery Particle Show - Owl of Prism Wisdom



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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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