WordPress – #Daily Prompt – Black

Never will I forget that black day of darkest infamy

When horror stepped out of the pages of surreality

Startling it way across this workaday world of you and me

And killing others over a cartoon became our reality

Certainly, there was a true sense of disrespect drawn

But gone was any sense of normalcy from that bleak dawn

Noticeable was the lack of any sense of freedom of speech

Or tolerance for the ways of others despite what they preach

On that day the world mourned, hopelessly feeling forlorn

And the world had suddenly changed for the newly born

Tolerance means freedom for others who believe differently

The terrorist acts delivered a message of incoherency

That it’s not okay to be you if it’s not okay for me to be me

There on the blood stained pages is that modern hierography

Paris -  Je Suis Paris, Jesuis France II -Black Day of Infamy

About alohapromisesforever

Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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