Washington’s Legacy

The Path To Freedom -For Whom This Bell Has Tolled

Washington's Legacy
by Michael Romani

Looking back on the edges of history
Today, I am thinking how Washington
Aided by others acted to save his legacy
Like most creatures, born of necessity

Sown were the bitter fruits of American victory
The ledges of Hell wore on the general's dignity
He had given his all for the sake of his country
Now others seemed bent on destroying liberty

Instead of promised utopia, New York City was in ashes
All across the young country, there was nothing but clashes
Fighters for freedom now fought for disunion
So much for the brotherhood of this American Revolution

The troops in tatters, barefoot, two steps beyond hungry
There was no will, no money, no food to feed our army
Months after the Yorktown victory, the battle was for loyalty
Even the destitute officers were on the brink of mutiny

It's hard to keep fighting on for the dream of a nation
When your troops are only one step away from starvation
Pushing to the verge of losing all remaining reason
Desperate men had been pushed almost to treason

Washington assembled officers for a dignified lecture
Meant to encourage and somehow ensure their investure
These extreme hours of distress must not rob humanity
From its last best chance at fully embracing liberty

The floodgates of civil discord held in the moment
As sacred honor felt the horror of dreadful torment
Bespectacled and gray, he pled his very best case
Gray in hair, voice quavering and with aging face

His cause and argument won the day out of the reverence
That he was held in - and his gentle plea for perseverance
It was only due to him that any there held any confidence
An so the officers gave way in respect and diffidence

Congress was split in factions fighting incessantly
Business as usual; unable to resolve things decently
The ability to govern was impotent in fragile peace
Prospectively, it seemed the young nation would soon decease

A government born without any distinct ability to govern
Was a government in name only and barely sovereign
Yet, this is what brave men had forged in weary confederation
This despite the blood and toil of tireless dedication

Like today, meet, argue and do nothing was the general rule
In attempting to govern wisely, it had become a ship of fools
True to word, Washington delivered his wrathful condemnation
Justly fighting for his soldiers who had delivered the nation

Arguing now for their deliverance in the nick of time
Anything less would have been no more than a crime
Arguing for enough power to effectively govern
Washington demanded a review of essential powers again

Asserting the need for these for an indissoluble union
To do anything less would have been to refute the Revolution
This would have the only possible outcome of anarchy and confusion
Washington was determined that this would not be his contribution

Not to the pages of history; nor toward the cause of freedom
It was for and with this purpose that he had defeated a kingdom
Within days, 500 rose up with Congress as their destination
Such was the cost of continually failed resolutions

We could continue on in our fragmented, broken confederation
Or, under Washington's lead create a nation of great deliberation
And is and was and so we do as we then did
Becoming the City on the Hill whose light of liberty is not hid

(c) November 13, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Happy Bastille Day!!f -That Small Gift of Liberty...




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