Humble Yourself

Groenland Kangamiut - A Look That Could Melt the Coldest Heart

Based on a sermon based on James 4:10

Humble Yourself
by Michael Romani

There's a trick to humility
You gotta do it quietly
It's not a thinking thing
It's about what you bring

Just doing what is needed
Keeping to what's heeded
Serving one another
All your sisters and brothers

It's an action not a thought
An attitude to be caught
Doing what's right in satisfaction
That it's a matter of action

Modeled in being a quiet servant
Keeping these practices observant
Taking nothing for granted
Doing all of this as exacted

As we might be and can be
Teaching by example gently
Doing what's really needed
Without the cause being pleaded

No fanfare for the humble man
Those who do just what they can
Without ever needing asking
No need for glory or basking

Just service to all of those around
Keeping feet planted on the ground
Keeping prayerful joy in what is found
In being quietly heaven bound

(c) November 15, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer




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