WordPress – #Daily Prompt – Atmospheric

I choose to believe I am chasing after something real not chimeric

Because the heights that you bring me to are truly often atmospheric

Sheltered in each other’s arms, we know love and keep quite warm

Protected by grace and safely kept from all of life’s brewing storms

True enough, the storms that come are mostly those which are mine

And so, I sing your praises in how you show me that the sun still shines

A year and half and maybe more days have come and gone into past

Enough to show me that ours is a true love and that it’s meant to last

At my darkest moments, you have shown me the way back to the light

Finding the good in me when I can’t and showing me that I am your knight

Even when I stumble and bumble and all the world around seems to crumble

You have taken my hand and helped sort out the pieces from the jumble

And all that I’ve ever really been able to offer you is the one thing I know to be true

The simple fact from the depths of my soul that I will always love you


Phabolaois Stran - Shelter From Life's Storms


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