Seeking Riches of the Heart

House of Prayer - Sunday Afternoon ServicesI II

Based on Acts 16:1-15

Seeking Riches of the Heart
by Michael Romani

Uncertain if I am just a dreamer
In a silent prayer to our redeemer
I started to think on ministry
How it's been in our history

Building a church as our net
Luring in believers still yet
Challenged to go out among men
Not just to invite them in

All our good works are seen
Motivating other human beings
Answering the call no matter how mild
To reach out to all as God's child

Best not to be a come and see
Sort of church in our ministry
We'll be a sort of go and tell
Preaching the truth of divinity

Be it a cross seen by the worldwide
Or just down the freeway on our ride
We reach out and practice what we teach
Be it to the barrio or down on the beach

We cannot wait for some gilded invitation
Nor for someone else to lead in their vision
God will use us when we seek to be used
It's not complex so please don't be confused

God's will travels as it does and will
Without need to be on top of the bill
But in little lessons given in a big way
It's an acceptance of our well spent day

We need to focus on the hearts of others
All of our lost sisters and lost brothers
Teaching to the needs that are present
Preaching with those who give their consent

Finding hearts open to the message
The one that's needed throughout this age
Not looking for the pinpoints but the love
Spread across to those looking for Him above

Seeds spill out across the fertile fields
No one knows what these might yield 
Sometimes it's a story of ragged riches
God's blossoms bloom along the ditches

Flowering into the words that are needed
Those which should be intentionally heeded
Focused on converting souls so they heal
Counting the stars on dark night so still

Reaching out to find the length 
Flexing hard against the strength
Of our furthest sense of outreach
It is the riches of the heart that we preach

(c) November 19, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - By the Book


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