Macy’s Day Parade 2017

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Chinese New Yea

Macy's Day Parade 2017
by Michael Romani

Waking up just a little late
I forgot that I had made myself a date
To watch the Macy's Day Parade
Even if alone for this serenade
A visual serenade of beauty, color and song
Like every year this is where I belong
With all the confetti in the air
It's probably better that I'm not there

Sitting here enjoying my pumpkin pie
Television on and only a hint in my eye
Of the loneliness felt under the joy
I confess the distance between does annoy
Me, but, I promise not to let it bother me
Today is a day for thankfulness not sympathy
So, I'll embrace this day of Thanksgiving
And give all of my best in the day I'm living

There's a cranberry singing about love
My heart is focused on God above
As another marching band spreads its happiness
And I realize I'll always be stuck on sappiness
Spending my time on this All-American day
In this neo-traditional All-American way
Understanding a scrappy quest for a feast of food
What happened to love is more than deeply understood

With my head in the clouds and a passion for clowns
I watch smiling, certain nothing will keep me down
With a dip of her wings, along comes Hello Kitty
My thoughts turning to three hearts beautiful and pretty
It's my favorite story about a loving family
Maybe my best purpose has always been serving country
Nothing much to do but enjoy the parade's miles
Dreaming this life in all of its smiles after smiles

         ...A tear rolls down along my cheek
                 It's only this crazy thing called life
         The sun will come out tomorrow....

(c) November 23, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Santa Walks It Off






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