WordPress – #Daily Prompt – One Way

I told the elf that it was really kind of neat

He was willing to show me down the polar street

He told me to hop on aboard the back of the sleigh

Because there was only one way, only one way

To learn the ways of jolly ole  Kris Kringle

To walk the paths of jolly ole Kris Kringle

That’s to believe in the ways of magic like love

To put your faith in goodness and heaven above

Because there was only one way, only one way

So I jumped on board that teddy bear’s sleigh

Willing to take the chance of one way belief

Slipping and sliding in happiness not grief

Are you sure Mr. Elf, this is how Santa started?

Learning to trust in miracles and be open hearted?

Christmas Under One Star -Are You Certain That Santa Started Thiis Way?



About alohapromisesforever

Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses and husband to Ally Romani.
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One Response to WordPress – #Daily Prompt – One Way

  1. Rupali says:

    Lovely! I am waiting for miracles 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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