Virtue In the Vicious

Natural History Museum of Vienna - Triceratops Hello

Virtue In the Vicious
by Michael Romani

I don't want to start a rumor
Especially not one that might prove a tumor
Wracking its damage on our society
But looking back on the pages of history

I will stand true to the legacy
No matter the cost in revealing tragedy
It is not a case of being malicious
There is virtue to be found in the vicious

Sometimes it's right to front the enemy
No matter the cost it has been to me
Like a cowboy riding into the sunset
Some things need to be done regardless of regret

There's a lot to be said in keeping in mind
That it's better the truth than lies we find
And so it is with our precious society
We must move forward regardless of our anxiety

What some people try to pass off as progress
Is little more than adds up to be harsh regress
Without a thread's difference between fascism
And the false egalitarianism of socialism

My family fought hard for this nation's liberty
And now in a walk back from our real history
I watch as a free people give up their freedom
To a false front elite who would have their kingdom

It's as though false representations are winning the cup
As the pages of true history are being closed wide shut
Judging the past by the desires and passions of today
Too many are determined to throw both baby and bath away

I, for one, have decided to make a committed stand
Proud of my heritage and my family's guiding hand
Moving forward in truth is a worthy sort of demand
But not at the cost of my sacred, beloved land

(c) November 30, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Natural History Museum of Vienna - Time Passes Slow Without You





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