Counting Costs

1920s Chicago - Wrong Side to be On

Counting Costs*
by Michael Romani

Big news for the Democrats
No, it's not about New York City rats
But, it is about rats across the maze
That sit there staring in a daze

It seems that somehow it's news
That they hadn't considered other views
That Obamacare cost an election
As the electorate asserted its own direction

Oh the shock! What dismay!!
That the American people chose another way
Hillary has something new to blame
Oh, the horror all in Obamacare's name

It seems that the awful and mean Republicans
All acting out like a crowd of simpletons
Thwarted Hillary's grand ambitions in this election
By thwarting the act's unconstitutional implementation

Shame on the lawmakers for following the law
This should force an unconstitutional electoral recall
The nerve of us deplorable American citizens
Insisting that we are more than dismissed ditizens

This voters revolt requires a documented mechanism
To explain the shocking success of republicanism
It seems there is evidence it has to do with costs
And still the Democrats don't understand why they have lost

(c) December 1, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

*Owed to The Atlantic's article in which it is was revealed that the
DNC felt a need to commission a study that come up with the verdict
that the American people actually cared about silly things like
the Constitution and how much things cost and who lied to them..

Hillary Clinton HQ - Crooked Hillary Deserves Her Term At the Big House



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