Time Spent With the Harvard Classics: Sir Thomas Malory – The Holy Grail

Born sometime between 1415-18 and passing on March 14, 1471, Sit Thomas Malory was the English writer who compiled and edited Le Morte d’Arthur.  He has been further identified as a landed knight and member of Parliament.  There is also the possibility that he was of Welsh descent.  If that is the case, that would explain his deep interest in Arthurian legend as King Arthur and his legends are believed to be of Welsh origin as well. Then again there are multiple ideas of how Malory’s name originated or even if Malory was Malory.  I prefer the idea of a landed knight of Welsh descent who on hearing the telling and retelling of Arthurian lore became interested in much the same way as I am fascinated in my family’s history in fact and legend.

Le Morte d’Arthur  or The Death of Arthur revolves around reworked tales about King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table.  The tales are numerous, enjoyable and whisper has it had a major influence on making me the person that I do my best to be every day.  I hope these tales are equally enjoyable to the readers of this blog.

You may read the 13th book of the Holy Grail here:


Alternatively, you may listen to the L’Morte d’Arthur here:


And here:






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