Momento Mori

Holocaust Memorial Museum - Witness Engraved In Stone

Momento Mori
by Michael Romani

Remembrance of death is something I embrace
Every morning when I look at my mirrored face
Trying so hard, it is my struggle to find peace
The preacher whispers, forgiveness brings release
But, it's been so long since I've known it
As I shave I try to compartmentalize to make it fit
The problem is that as I do that and compartmentalize?
I stare into the abyss and find a hard stare in my eyes
It took me ten years after I left the military
To believe I would not end in Hell but to the contrary
That God not only forgives but commends men like me
Who have given their best to God, family and country
Remember death and look behind you is what is said
How could I forget when every moment it is in my head?

December 2, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Garden of Absentia & Memorial - And Somehow They Live On, Even If Only In  Dreams & Prayers



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