Winds of Change

Based on Acts 2:1-42:

House of Prayer -Flowered Footbridge Crossing

Winds of Change
by Michael Romani

There in the indefinable something
Is the difference that love brings
Changing lives and effective in mission
Doing their part for the Great Commission

In that sense of wondrous anticipation
Is the excited attitude of expectation
There in the sense of calling and love
To bring forth the things from above

The thing is that it is precisely defined 
Set out in Acts and waiting to be refined
To set out on the approach in our search
Defining the meaning of New Testament Church

Set out in the that day of holy Pentecost
As part of the plan for reaching the lost
There then is the witness of what's to come
Here in the loving arms of God's Kingdom

The microcosm of the Church's mission
Has objectives set out with precision
First, we are to the example to testify
The power of God on which we will rely

The words are rendered on the Wailing Wall
For disciples of Jesus to receive and recall
Baptized in the glory of the Holy Sprit
To spread the word so that all could hear it

Small tongues of fire came on the wind 
To speak to all about what they can depend
The words of the world spoken in love
So that it might be on Earth as it is above

Working in the lives of people to prevail
Not by our desires but by God's holy will
We witness the birth of this Holy Church
In healing power for all of those who search

God has come on these winds of change
So that life on Earth might can rearrange
All to the glory of God's forgiving latitude
Giving to us the grace of this new attitude

Taking this on then we help to make connection
To help others revel in this sort of new direction
Relating to others how all of this really fits
And sharing this with love, wisdom and wit

This is that of the Bible's ancient prophecy
Of God pouring out His spirit in man's legacy
That all who call on God can and will be saved
To dig our way out of being endlessly depraved

Desperately wanting and needing a God change
Moving away from the chains of the strange
Breaking bread with God's holy family
Bringing this love to our believing community

The holes in our walls lets the rain come through
And leaving us wondering what we're to do
Repenting and being baptized brings us to shore
Through life's storms and then gives us more

It's the giving gift of a needed Holy Spirit
Available to all who will believe and hear it
Adhering to the faith needed in sacred love
Making this Earth as it is from the above

Here in the welcoming of these winds of change
Watching and helping as our lives all rearrange
Redeemed in the blood of the lamb's sacrifice
And knowing that God's love is what will suffice

(c) December 3, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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