December 6th, 2014

A blast from the past about a magical day spent with my princesses of whom I love more than life and always will.  True blessings they are.. now it’s my job to live up to the trust God has given me in being a wise steward and loving father.

The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure - All I Want For Christmas

December 6, 2014
by Michael Romani

Facts often change
And calendars rearrange
Still, it's generally agreed
This date has led to many noble deeds
As Nicholas was born
On this December morn
I can only say
What's right for me
And observe this with my family
To begin our annual holiday
We let Nicholas usher in the season's mirth
As we begin celebrating our Savior's birth

This year, there was no chocolate or Clementines
But, we laughed our way through a Seussical Christmas Carol
It was a magical time spent with my life long Valentines
At their ages, more meaningful than that more serious Carol
Their eyes filled with wonder at how I would know
Just how much, they would enjoy this show

As the skits and the jokes quickly passed
I tried to smoothly impart
Lessons tied to memories that would last
To form and stay in my daughters' young hearts
The story of how Nicolas became Santa Claus
I would not let this become lost

This is the true story
I sought to verbally paint
Filled with deeds so lyrical
A life chocked full of miracles
Lived by a man so whole-ly holy
He was deemed a saint
Nicholas' basket was filled
With doweries and more
As Myra's loving parents were thrilled
Silver and gold pouches fed and freed the poor
His secret giving of heavenly wealth
Wasn't given for glory, but, given in stealth
And so, on December 6, 2014
What to my dearest daughters
Should I tell them this means
But to do the best they can, much like their father
Show all that you can the fruits of sweet charity
Live life to the fullest, but, always with integrity
I offer up this earnest prayer
To the steadfast saint of children
Bringer of cheerful hope and rescuer of sailors
That in all our lives your example stay clear
Be we sometimes adults or forever children
Rich men, tinkerers or the rich men's tailors

(c) December 7, 2014 Michael Romani
all rights reserved

Love Story: Season of Joy - Sleighed Over the Port




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