Changes of Impermanence

Winter Flakes - Windswept Lighthouse In the Snow II

Changes of Impermanence
by Michael Romani

It is interesting, the things that bind us
Surprising things that come along and find us
While we're certain on taking another direction
The good Lord comes along giving His correction

Sudden summer storms come along and can wash away
All that we have thought of as our permanent way
It's funny the changes that can come in one day
But, there's not a whole lot for us to say

Not our will but the good Lord's will be done
And there's only one direction; just one
The sooner we accept this as a natural fact
The easier it is to know how to react

Acceptance of things that we cannot change
Is difficult for most and that simply strange
But, still it is the best of what must be
Changes, even those needed, take courage from you and me

There are other paths that lead to misery
Taking pleasure in that snarkiest of company
But to change almost always seems like disruption
And we are ever mindful of that perceived corruption

It feels natural to stay on the same familiar path
As remain imperviously resistant to the true math
That God whispers quietly in our inner ears
As we steadily while away our passing years

My first look at you was akin to almost reverent
Some beautiful feelings end revealing and different
A whispered prayer of sincerity among the Godless
That was too loud even for a deaf man like me to miss

And. so I spoke to you in a bit if awe and fear
Because I knew you were a smile in a smile of a tear
Truth and love found me that quiet remarkable spring day
With hope and joy in my heart, I asked you to please stay

(c) December 7, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Winter Flakes -  Winter Sunset Over  A Wooden Bay






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