Let There Be

Love Story: Season of Joy -Country Church


Let There Be
by Michael Romani

Let there be a loving way
In the claiming of our day
To lift burdens and release
Bringing to us our peace

Going to church in glory
Repeating His story
As it is and is as is so
A held hand, He won't let go

Always sacredly guiding
Never one for hiding 
Always one for confiding 
There in our striding

To cross over into the promises
Swept up into the endlessness
Of the will and ways of our Lord
Never holding back but moving forward

Sacrificial moments of sacred
Filled with full love, never hatred
There in our sense of connection
Is the Lord giving us direction

A map through the greenery
As God creates our scenery
Pushing on to find our way
Acting on prayer every day

Sought first in seeking first
The kingdom of our thirst
Giving us our inheritance
And finding in it our recompense 

With a plan we move to praise 
As we prepare to receive and raise
Up to obtain our sacred blessing
Without a sense of second guessing

Just go and get, taking possession
One word away from the procession
We walk on right on through
Fulfilling of God's promises to me and you

Mercy in blessing is God's determination
God's plans for us to reach our destination
He steps up and steps in again and again
Delivering us to hope away from our sin

(c) December 10, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

New Life Christian Fellowship - God Is Good





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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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