It’s In Our Home

New Life Christian Fellowship Church - Serious Sermon

It's In the Home
by Michael Romani

We're never, ever alone
Family of God in our home
Engraved in corner stone
We put the king on His throne

Gathered together in one accord
Our God is in our midst
Richer than we can ever afford
His spirit graces us like mist

All that God has done for me
As I was blessed as His family
All of the goodness He has done
I know that I must serve the one

In all of the concerns and trials
He has lifted me up in these miles
Reaching out to claim the victory
At one as a member of God's family

In the name of Jesus, we proclaim
That the Devil is stopped in His name
Case the Devil under our feet
In the name of the Holy we entreat

Grateful for those who have prayed
And for the faithful who have stayed
In our house and in our blessed home
We know we walk together, never alone

(c) December 17, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

New Life Christian Fellowship Church - Living Waters




About alohapromisesforever

Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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