Birthday Thoughts 2017

Out of the Looking Glass/Into the Madness - Listen Children and I'll Tell You A Story

Birthday Thoughts 2017
by Michael Romani

It is just before the hour of nine
And I have a quiet moment to call mine
The princesses are now fast asleep
And I've a moment to think that I'll keep

Earlier in the day with chopstick lessons
The conversation had was among the best ones
And every moment since has been a blessing
A friend made along the way removed all guessing

That it's the life long friendships that matter
These are the glue that repair cracks life shatters
It's been an amazing journey as we watch Santa Clause
Cuddled in on the couch as we watch just because

A line is spoken and echoes in this remarkable movie 
One that rings true and I feel with complete certainty
Something like a father is simply straight biology
But to be a daddy is its own special sort of theology

And while I had intended to write on the importance of things
Like setting goals and achieving dreams, at this moment it rings
That the truest thing that speaks and is fully revealing
It is wonderful to hear two little girls sing out their feelings

When they finish their happy birthday song with hugs
The kind that go along with we love you daddy tugs
And I know that I am the most blessed man alive
Even as I reach this age and realize that I'm fifty five

The Lord only knows the certain number to my days
But of these, this is one I'll cherish in all ways
So, I check in on them and watch them sweetly sleep
And know they are best promise that I will ever keep

(c) December 23, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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