Time Spent With the Harvard Classics: The Birth of Christ – Gospel of St Luke

The three of the four canonical Gospels, the Gospel According to Luke tells the story of the origins, birth, ministry, atonement, death, resurrection , and ascension of Jesus Christ. This gospel is the second longest of the four gospels and along with the Book of Acts serves as a more or less two volume work of salvation history.   This tells of a theology stretching through three ages:  the law and time of the Prophets which incorporates the period beginning with Genesis and ending with the appearance of John the Baptist; the times of Jesus and the preaching of the Kingdom of God; and the beginning days of the early church as told in the Book of Acts and which would end in the second coming of Christ.

Today, I read the passages linked below from the Harvard classics to my little princesses.  I am always so amazed at how much attention they pay to these sorts of things.  That is perhaps the best Christmas gift a daddy could ask for that they pay attention to these things and tend to their young souls with good attention and loving that I would read to them.

Today’s reading focuses on the nativity or birth of Jesus.  This marks the fulfillment of God’s divine will to save humanity from sin.  This season is marked throughout Christendom as Christmastide or the Advent by most congregations but not all.  The interesting thing for me to learn when first a Christian is that the 12 days of Christmas are not the 12 days leading to the 25th but from the 25th to the 6th of January, when the Wisemen are said to have paid their respects and given their worship to the baby Jesus.

An interesting look at iconic art related to the Nativity may be found here:  \http://www.icon-art.info/topic.php?lng=en&top_id=13

You may read the story of the birth of Jesus here:


Alternatively, there is an audiobook version derived from Luke, Matthew, Mark and John here:



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