A Night At the Opera

It seems that Santa Claus has brought my daughters a book called Write the Story.  It’s a series of writing prompts to encourage daily writing.  After I finished cursing under my breath, I have agreed to write along with them.  Today’s theme is A Night At the Opera.  I have struck a small deal that while we must write long enough to incorporate the words set out in the book, we do not need to at least at first write anything overly long.  The point, I believe is to get the creative jets fired up and to develop the habit into something to look forward to doing as a shared but creative activity, right?

Maybe others out there would like to write along with us?

The list of words to be used is:

Air Force           Pen Point           Crane        Placate

Orchestrate      Machete              Leotard    Photo

Stubble              Pivot

A Night At the Opera

The young Air Force Lieutenant scratches the stubble on his face wondering at how he might pivot his career to undertake his St. Stephen’s Day assignment.  Here on the second day of Christmastide, he felt that if his duty was to pivot away from military duties and orchestrate a night at the opera he would use the creative moment to machete through to the hearts of the audience the pin points of the Old and New Testaments and the differences between the two.

After all, it was the second day of Christmas that was the one in which the true love gave the two calling birds.  He had read somewhere that the calling birds were symbolic of the Old Testament and the New Testament.  While he might have to placate his superiors in putting on leotards he was determined to make this a Kodak Camera photo moment.

This was true even if it meant at some point, he would be seen dancing with a crane.  If he could only make this a moment where lessons of the heart were instilled as well, he would have done much in his Christian duties if at least some of the base kids were inspired to learn even more about Twelvetide.  If that led them closer to God and Jesus, he knew it would be a job well done.  … And it was indeed.

The looks of amazement in the eyes of the kids were only equaled by the sneer on the face of the atheist in the corner who wished to make trouble now that the young Lieutenant had done his job well.  When the young man saw the hardened look in the angry man’s eyes, the only thought he had in return was if this be the challenge I must face, let it be so.  God’s will be done and if he kept right to God’s ways, let the fault fall as it might.

Castle, Home and Garden 2017 - Operatic Castle View



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