The Magic of Christmas

Clownski's Store and Lapara Winter City -A Merry Christmas  Memory

The Magic of Christmas
by Michael Romani

The magic of Christmas
just cannot be taught
When people turn inward
Instead of outward as they ought

There is a need for a Christmas wish
Following each step on the list
Two calling birds on a written serving dish
There lessons must be kept of all is missed

Instead everyone is seeking their own fun
Treating life as if alone and only one
When actually we are a community
Part of the Testament's living family

Sights set on material things
Not on the spreading of Christmas cheer
People have forgotten the pleasure it brings
To give to others throughout the year

The cold hearted seem to multiply
As Christmas magic melts away
If we are at a loss and wonder why
We find the selfishness in everyday

Every action has an equal reaction
We can either live to give
Or seek only our own satisfaction
Pretending greed is the way to live

Forgetting that everything is possible
If only we would do our better part
Forgetting that we are culpable 
For and to the Holy Spirit kept within our hearts

(c) December 26, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Vieux Colmar - Crystal Sleigh






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