Calling Birds On A Day of Innocence

LEA27 - Reflections -Ink Spill of Blackbirds

Calling Birds On A Day of Innocence 
by Michael Romani

Through the thick of woods falls a trickle of light
To shine like a beacon before humanity's sight
Calling birds gathered on a day of innocence 
To preserve the memory of slaughtered innocents

The four calling birds sing boldly to dispel
The hold of evil on us all through their gospel
Evangelizing across the fields of boy soldiers dying
They are almost drowned out the sound of mothers crying

What they wouldn't give for another moment's embrace
To see their sons and hold them close, face to face
Oh precious Lord do you not hear the mother's lamentation
For another dead African son who has given into temptation

There is only one truth that will ever shine its light
Only one key to the kingdom that is precious in our sight
Crying mothers stumble through the pages of the Nazarene
Teardrops fall smearing the ink hoping for what they mean

Oh momma don't you cry for the wicked ways of the dead
But instead free your heart and bring it to your head
Teaching and reaching for clarity found in the parable
Truths told in tales understandable to those capable

Success they say is either measured in wealth or in power
But the rich man cannot pay his way enough in his final hour
Only if willing to hear these gospels shall any ever be free
For those who have eyes and ears please see and hear this plea

(c) December 28, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

A New England Village -  Blackbirds On the Path




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