A Family Mystery Uncovered

On this sixth day of Christmas, my daughters and I have sat down with Write the Story to write our third story based on the theme of A Family Mystery Uncovered.   There is really no real reason for why we skipped these last two days.  The girls were interested in other things, we went to some places and had some time spent on other things.

Sad isn’t it?  I mean how we let time slip away sometimes.  I do my best to be a good example to the loves of my life and yet again I find myself haven fallen a little flat on my face.  But then, maybe there’s a lesson in this as well.   When you fall a little, you dust yourself off and get back up again to continue acting intentionally to get yourself toward your goals.  This seems to me to be especially true when it comes to creative ventures.  It’s not so much the destination but the journey.  And today… today, they happily are over on the couch busily writing.    It’s a happy journey that is bringing me many smiles as I watch them strike out their own claims on creativity.

This brings me to an interesting point.  Ally has suggested that maybe it would be nice to add their (edited) stories on here.  Anyone want to see these?  Let’s have a small vote on this.  Who is for the added inclusion?  I will say this.  Both of them write stories a lot more creative than mine have been so far.

For those writing along with us, the word prompts for this story are:

Sunday               Secret              Wallpaper    Swap

Curiosity           Island               Notebook       Marathon

Sister                Demand

A Family Mystery Uncovered   

Early Sunday morning, a younger sister makes her demand for a write off in an exploration of islands of discovery.

“Hey, do you want to write some stories like daddy does?”, she asks her older sister.

It may have been phrased as a question, but as sure as each had their own notebook  already opened for doodling and writing and math puzzles, there wasn’t really a question so much as a challenge.  It is a blessing and a curse to have such a curiosity as was no secret about these two young, beautiful girls.

This year was going to be a marathon of writing, painting, singing and discovering the world.  There was a certainty it would pass pleasantly.  But, also the certainty that Daddy was determined to share the best of his ways in the days that they spent together.

“Sure.  But then can we swap boxes of magic tricks.  I want to learn yours.  You can learn mine.”

The father looked on from the distance fondly, wishing he could keep these memories forever to play and replay inside his mind.  It was no secret that he loved these two more than life.  Watching as they grew and became the wonderful individuals they were both becoming was his biggest joy and made all his wallpaper days in between visitations  bearable.  If only he might have each and every cherished and treasured moment catalogued to pull up and relive at his mental finger tips, he would always wear the smile of a man who knows just how blessed he is.  … and he does…..





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