Six Geese A Laying

The Radiance Club - Global Chilling

Six Geese A Laying
by Michael Romani

I beg your pardon, but, what were you saying
About six days of creation and geese a laying
It seemed like a monumental moment of origami
Or something trite that would surely fail me
Who might have dreamed this was astute theology
And not just some fanciful bit of worrisome silly

There in joyfully sung out bits of happy expression
Were the gifts of protection hidden under repression
As our God gave His life to heal man's graceless injury
Christ's sadness as He hung there denying His divinity
You see that's the purpose of this Christmastide
It's not about our gift given but taken in stride

It's about the gift He came to give to all of mankind
In the ultimate forgiveness for a humanity so unkind
How did He shut out the lights and choose to be blind
We must have been so disappointing to have to find
That we hang on our postcards from the edge of eternity
And claim we do it in the name of His cherished divinity

Taking for granted the six holy days of creation
Brought into existence through every indication
By the God who merely spoke Words that were and are good
Words that in mankind's stubborn ways are misunderstood
A light sparked by sweeping gesture of grand harmony
The blessing we too often refuse and feign as injury

The heavens and earth were formed on the first day
Separating the dark of night and light of His sacred way
All of this and more came to be spoken into existence
Every bit faith in reason comes to indicate just this
From nothing there came to be more than just something
And nothing comes from nothing so our science sings

On the second day, God spoke the sky separate from the sea
Science tells us yet again that this occurred evidently
Though science chooses to express this away toward the natural
Refusing the easier evidence that it was clearly supernatural
Arguments made are made because of things we refuse to see
All because of slights we won't accept and thus ignore divinity

Then comes the third day in which land is divided from the sea
And all of the kinds we find in mind are placed separately
An earth teeming with plant life and painted in shades of green
God declared this good and unbelievers don't know what this means
On the fourth day, God gave us the heavily bodies and the stars
So that man might track time and know when he's gone too far

Day from night and night from day, God illuminated our way
So that we might track time as life was brought on the fifth day
In all of its kinds under and in and as one with the ocean
All of this, that the world for men would be loved as seen
For on the sixth day, God brought life of all kinds upon the land
That wise stewardship might be practiced over all we command

Until finally, in the image of God, God created mortal man
Knowing full well that we would of course always do what we can
At the end of the sixth day, God's creative work was done
The seventh day would be one of rest for the Father and the Son
Creation as such was now prepared and was then complete
For man who then in vanity lost the Garden through our conceit

(c) December 30, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Frisland - Canada Goose Formation II


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