Seven Points of Beatitude (Sapientia)

Deadman's Island - A Haunting Melody

Seven Points of Beatitude
by Michael Romani

As the ghosts of one year floated by to be received
In a clarity of slumber of one refusing to be self-deceived
I had turned on the television intending to rest a moment
Waking to find I had slept through the New Year's torment
Seven swans came swimming with gifts of the Holy Spirit
Ready to be heard by who would be encouraged and hear it

Maybe it was my braving the elements of earth, wind and fire
Maybe it was the sudden crushing of my soul's tender desire
But sleep claim to claim me and here we are on the next day
Having missed all of the hoopla cherished as the New Year's way
Watching a standing comic spout what he passed for wisdom
My thoughts turned more and more and inward to the Kingdom

The greatest of these gifts is said to be that of wisdom
I found myself thinking that's a gift I need from the Kingdom
My mind and heart could use more than a little illumination
The longest journey is that of a broken heart's sad attraction
I pray to the Lord for this gift of peace in understanding
And hope for a correlation of charity that is less demanding

In this wrinkle of time, I find myself peering over the edge
Praying for perceived enlightenment touching on knowledge
What is old they say, at this point, is made new once again
Still I find myself lingering thinking what might have been
While finding my mysteries credible and compatible within reason
Deciding instead to focus on the beauty of this faithful season

Counsel is found in a sort of supernatural sense of intuition
While waiting for these gifts to come into their own fruition
Finding comfort of the judgments that lead me toward prudence
Believing as I do in the guiding hands of loving Providence
Pressing on that His will not my misguided will be done
I put all of my faith in the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son

Fortitude is said to be parts courage and that of endurance
Despite passing circumstances holding onto things of permanence
In the sight of God, I know that I must always stand for right
Through whatever it might cost me or hurt me in my darkest night
Praying my way past enduring all the evil into surpassing good
And keeping on this path I know I ought and believe that I should

In a sacrament of confirmation, I seek out God's perspective 
Certain that not all knowledge comes from the reflective
Of things that my deceiving eyes believe themselves to have seen
While understanding that at best I am only a human being
As such, I am earth bound to all of my unholy mistakes
These tears I cry must be dried despite all the heartbreaks

In all of this, I hold in reverence all the things of piety
In total reliance on God, I approach in knocked down humility
Understanding that this year and all years, He is the majesty
In my belonging to the Kingdom, I have the very best for me
In all of my difficult and troubled moments, I am resolute
That with all of my heart and soul I give what I can contribute

As one child of the Father, I give my best to all others
Knowing fully that each other are my sisters and brothers
It is the true peace in this moment of complete realization
That I grow daily I my love and ever increasing toleration
To err is human so it is said, that thought lingers on
Staying with me even when all others are long since gone

This year begins with me standing here in wondrous awe
Thankful to our Father as I look around heeding his call
In His love I do my best to rest deeply in my heart
Knowing that it's a new year and from this grows a new start
In a strong desire that His justice be done there is reverence
And in this a gift for knowing the necessity of perseverance

These are the gifts of seven swans who have come swimming
Spreading His good news that allows humanity to be winning
It's time now for our new start which we are just beginning
It's time now to move closer to the truth and away from sinning
Restricting ourselves from the darkness of forbidden pleasures
And embracing all that we are given as Heavenly treasures 

(c) January 1, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Empire Room - Moved By the Spirit









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