First Principles: Children Should Be Educated In The Principles of Freedom

“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” –John Adams

They aren’t any more.  That’s why so many problems are festering until they reach the surface.  So may of these are based on sheer ignorance of what has come before and an inappropriate attempt to force our own viewpoints on times past.

For example, overpaid grown men playing kids games for huge amounts of money who don’t even understand why they’re taking a knee in protest of the very flag that a black soldier saved at Fort McHenry as Francis Scott Key observed and wrote a song that became our national anthem.  Talk about missing the call on that one, huh?

Sure America needs some changes, but, come on guys, why are we disrespecting the efforts that have brought us this far?  By the way, family members of mine died fighting to free persons stuck in slavery.  By the way part two:  indentured servants were slaves too and we had to move past that wrong as well.  Oh don’t get me incorrectly, these were solid wrongs.  But, the past is the past and we’ve moved on to better ways of being since then.

By the way part III:  There are more slaves in this world today than ever in the historical past.   If you want to take a knee…. I’d suggest in prayer and then get out there and do something about current slavery.  I know that I am.  I’ll share some information about an anti slavery group that is actually a Christian group and what they’ve done to date.  More importantly, we’ll be sharing how you too can get involved in fixing a current not past wrong.

That’s how freedom is done.  Not dwelling on the past.  But taking an active role in the present and the future.  The past is to learn from; not to live in.







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