Living In Accord

House of Prayer - Tree Topper

Living In Accord
by Michael Romani

Nine ladies dance filled with the spirit
It is a beauteous song; do you hear it?
Living in accord with God's Holy Ways
Meant to last a lifetime; not just the holidays
There are nine given fruits of the spirit
You can feel them when you're near it

The Catholics in their zealousness add three
Perhaps they do so in a sense of charity
Like a church's stain glass window's glaze
I stand here looking in a daydreamer's daze
There are the good habits consonant with our nature
As we were intended before Eden's fracture

Fruit, spoken of in a sense of somewhat singular
Still, like the Godhead, multisided as triangular
Works of the flesh replaced by fruits of the spirit
These are the considerations of worth and merit
One to be earnestly avoided and the other sought
Following the cherished ways of God as we ought

In a world filled with dark, spiritual violence
Agape's goodwill breathes undefeatable benevolence
Asking nothing in return, it gives love freely
Love as the budding point, blossoming majestically
For God is love and patiently pursues and perseveres
Because it is a love of choice not a chance of years

There in the joy deeper than the mere shadow of happiness
Is the serene stability of that which is Heaven's bliss
Greater than the world's happiness of only a season's length
In God we find our protector and in this we find strength
Love's consciousness unfolds with joy's sweet charity
In this we learn that even in sadness we can be happy

We rest in the right relationship with God and we find peace
Not in the absence of conflict but in tranquil release
Trusting that everything in life is in God's loving hands
Trusting in His every way and in obeying His needed commands
There is a wholeness in the completeness of our souls
When we let go and let God guide us with His gentle control

Towards all others we patiently forbear one another with love
Taking this lesson not to seek vengeance from our Father above
With a hopeful fortitude that resists weariness and defeat
As we, God's Children, gather in mercy seated by His feet
Not shrinking away in cowardice or a despondency of voice
But instead with the strength of love in which we make our choice

With all sincerity we act with righteousness and kindness
Lived out in that choice and not with a sense of weak blindness
But with a mellow gentleness that seeks the best for all
With the compassion that all followers are best to recall
Seeking not our own desire or even needs as our goal first
But to help others in need to quench their unquenchable thirst

There in the kindness and goodness with have their relevance
We find the pathway of God easier than thought in its excellence
It's there in the faithfulness that we will find our power
To practice the best part of all things that add up to everything
That God might count us worthy in all things that He brings

There's a personal decision in making faithfulness our resolve
Holding firmly to the things that others allow to dissolve
Exalting God with every bow of the knee in which we confess
That we are keenly aware of just how much He does bless
Received from Holy God in all of His sacred, divine persuasion
Giving our all before Him having followed His moral suasion

Even tempered in a divine balance of gentleness and virtue
Unpretentious as we must be should we follow this cue
Too often we are caught up in sin until repentant again
We offer the gentleness needed by all who need a friend
Humbly; gently; patiently; bearing one another in love
And in so doing, we make the Earth more like Heaven above  

These fruits require control of our thoughts and actions
With right sight, not just the hindsight, we grain traction
In every step we follow the examples of Godliness understood
Doing all things in love with our eyes framed in the good
Our divine love becomes that of the best and most divine affection
To this I know and do offer my humblest faith attestation

(c) January 3, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - Silence of the Night



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