…And the Greatest of These

Children of the World - Love Is the Change We Need

...And the Greatest of These
by Michael Romani

Ten lords leaped without much of a look
To the lessons of love from the Holy Book
In a new form of math where ten became two
The complexities were broken down in view
If you love the Lord, you follow His commands
While embracing our humanity as we understand

These two then are what rests at the core
And by the power of two, we find and restore
To love the Lord, God, with all of thy heart
Is where the key to the Kingdom has its start
With all of thy soul and with all of thy mind
This then is what we must seek and find

Secondly, it is to love neighbor as thy self
These are the answers you won't find from a shelf
On these two commands do all of the prophets and law
Rest to be best memorized engraved for their recall
Heed, ole Israel, with all of thy great, bitter strength
As into the darkness we enter going at length

To repent and turn to the ways of God, there is but one
One to be loved, cherished, adored through God's son
Who died to remind us that it's never been too late
To remember how to love and to forget how to hate
It's an easier path than judging the sins of others
When we instead turn to love God, sisters and brothers

How do we dare to gather underneath the holy steeple
And pray with the same mouths that condemn His people
Bearing grudges when we should instead hold each other up
In a Holy Communion of unleavened bread and the blood of cup
Loving our neighbors as ourselves as the Lord has spoken
The Church is the infirmary of the startled and broken

Studying the Lord, God in all of His many features 
That He might be worshipped by all of His creatures
Knowing that the indispensable is of great necessity
That which is the essence of universal divinity
Please allow me, dear Lord, to remove the splinter from my eye
That I might see this clearly before the day that I die

(c) January 4, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

TMA Synagogue - Ten Commandments Revealed



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