12 Became 11

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12 Became 11
By Michael Romani

Eleven pipers piping played into the night
A night of betrayal forced to come to light
On a path to the cross and twelve became eleven
As our Lord and savior ascended into heaven
The stone rolled away revealing an empty tomb
Where should been the fruit of Mary's womb

Twelve learned seated there at the Master's feet
Then were sent out to teach and make complete
All of them the stock of the patriarch Abraham
All of them born and raised inside the Holy Land
One of them, thinking himself wiser than the Lord
Betrayed Heaven for silver before falling on his sword

Oh how Jesus must have wept to know this was His lot
To know how many times since His mercy has been forgot
The corner stone laid out the plan with His coordination
As each of the Disciples received the calling of ordination
In a First Commission, they spread gospel across nations
In a full realization that journey was their destination

In the Second Commission, the Lord broke down the wall
Broke down the wall of separation so that each might recall
There is no difference between the Lost Sheep and the Gentile
There no submission to the cross that will suffer denial
It was a command to go and teach this and not just sort of whim
That all authority on earth and in Heaven was given unto Him

For the Lord God gave salvation delivered as though from a friend
With the blessed assurance that He would be there in the end
To move us all from the power of Satan's deadly mayhem
Who knew that it would bring the silent truth begun in Jerusalem
The Keys of the Kingdom bind earth as bound in blessed Heaven
And we remember this when we drink the cup and eat of bread unleaven

(c) January 5, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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