Life’s Rest

House of Prayer - Stained Glass Dove

Based on the Book of Joshua

Life's Rest
by Michael Romani

The good book says to be strong and encourage
In that is a message for this day and age
We enter the promised land of our life
But not without trouble or troubling strife
So how then do we enjoy our life's rest
Once we find our way through its test

Jesus came to give us life abundantly
It is part of the gift, He brings you and me
From the moment we accept His grace
This enjoyment is brought into place
Avoiding things is natural due to our fear
Causing us to quit rather than persevere

The God of creation in all of His love 
Stands for us faithfully from the above
If we then have faith to have courage
There is no reason to allow discourage
To come to us and conquer our ways
So, let's bravely live all of our days

Courage is essential to leadership
Be it secular or in that of worship
The worse of sin is our unbelief
It leads us to nothing but grief
Without faith everything is impossible
But with faith all things are possible

Dare to be one who dares to lead
It is in this way we can do our deeds
Finding our way from Point A to B
This is needed in all of our society
There will be days of turning back
When it is easier to accept what we lack

We need to keep our eyes faced forward
And our feet moving ever toward
While fear loves to keep us company
We must rise above all that misery
The decision must be faith over fear
And courage will bring our new year

Courage is a choice we must make
To push on beyond what you can fake
It is the strength of character we move on
In an attitude to take action we act upon
One step in front of the other in action
To make our way to the will of God's satisfaction

Courage must be part of what we nurture
Fear comes naturally but builds no future
Courage has be developed in our mindset
Carefully obeying the law and never forget
Never turning to the left nor the right
But to God's word we must cling tight

We must seek out leaders and imitate
Those who follow Christ in the intimate
Speaking the Word in all that we do
Thinking on the Word in all that we view
Then do the Word in complete immersion
Guarding against all points of subversion

Embracing these ways, walking in courage
Keeping these truths never to discourage
To become all that the Lord means us to be
As brothers and sisters in our Holy Family
This then is how we tend this needed garden
Instead of allowing our fears to harden

Even in our darkest moments God is there
Beside you to guide you to walk past fear
This is how we walk past all of our fears
Moving on, improving on in all of our years
Courage to gain the blessings we deserve
It is freely given by the God that we serve

(c) January 7, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - A Silent Prayer







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