One Billion Rising - Pyrotechnics

by Michael Romani

It sometimes seems
That the broken dreams
Belong to the wealthy
And maybe that's unhealthy
As in causes like #MeToo
These privileges won't do

Won't do; shouldn't do
Mustn't do; you agree... don't you?
#MeToo needs to expand beyond the "Me"
Into a unified sense of "We"
In this moment of acting intentionally
There are times to act collectively

This then is apparently one
One moment in which this must be done
Moving away from simply identifying
Moving toward the needed rectifying
There is no acceptable reason
To accept this as more than sexual treason

To use one's place of superiority
To force another into inferiority
Is maybe a call to nature by some
But, as a father of two, the relevance is none
There is no need to coin this as sexual parity
The expectation should be set at acting decently

Beyond each individual's petrified story
Is the shared and complex reality
Of how we've allowed our dear mothers
Of how we've allowed sisters and daughters
To treated this way as fathers
As sons and as miscreant brothers

Not that men too haven't suffered this way
Oh, I get that and leave it for another day
As for now though, I rise up in protection
About the wrongfulness that needs correction
If we do not speak now, we've ourselves to blame
And the tatters of silence are everybody's shame

Did someone say...
                                ... I did...
                  ... We cannot keep this hid

Let's bring this to light...
                            ... and make it right


(c)  January 8, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

One Billion Rising - Broken Trust





About alohapromisesforever

Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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