Yamagata - Japanese Dragon Rock

by Michael Romani

Since the inception of the Meiji dynasty
Japan has sought its sense of modernity
Growth and development for several generations
Has been the impact of this restoration

Tradition pitted against modernity
Has been the struggle in this legacy
Disruption of tranquility
Often upending domestic stability

From Tokuawan's equilibrium
To the struggle within capitalism
A well calibrated system came apart
There at the center of the Japanese heart

Unleashed forces of modernization
Proved very hard to control
Shogunates versus centralization
In a struggle for the Japanese soul

Out from Asia, into Europe it would go
A midwived economy and liberalization
As an empire grew from the Japanese nation

In this struggle for global integration
A militaristic Shinto based stab at civilization
Led to an aggressive imperialization
Until it nearly bled out this noble nation

A conquered Japan mirrored the American nation
Creating a trauma of democratization
The very gods were taken from this society
Disestablishing local deities into global security

The extraordinary liberalization is undeniable
The good and the bad of it is questionably reliable
There in this uncertainty of identity
Is the renewed questions spawned from this legacy

In a response of austerity and unfashionable nationalism
Is Abe's assumption of post-modern traditionalism
The Japanese assert their right to self determination
Evens as one of Asia's vanguard nations

(c) January 9, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

New Tokyo - Downtown Boogie





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