Finding Faith

Valentine's On Ice 2016  - Like A Canine Fidelius Forever Faithful  In Love

Based on Hebrews 11:6

Finding Faith
by Michael Romani

In an observation of faith, we please Him
Drawing close and acting on Word not whim
Diligence in all of these things that we do
Keeping faith in all things, me and you

Every step in God is a lesson in being true
Every victory in all that we say and do
Faith is the essence of our entire walk
And ever present in all that we talk

Putting faith in the victory of the cross
Trusting in Him despite any seeming loss
In an active bit of placing confidence
We pursue all of this in our persistence 

Greater than our faith though is our love
It is what makes earth as Heaven above
Agape rests on faith's solid foundation
Relationally speaking in its anticipation

True love is the bridged gap between God and man
It is the element that moves us to do what we can
Faith then is the every good thing that we are
When all else fails, it remains our true North Star

Without this faith, God is impossible to please
As powerful a force can be but gentle as a breeze
We grow as our faith increases on the Word we hear
With a respect for the Lord that keeps Him near

In observing these things we take good measure
Keep our sights on the good of heaven's treasure
In unwavering faith we pray this in His name
Our lives will never be less than good or the same

(c) January 10, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Coptic Egypt - Sunrise On the Frontlines of Faith



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