Time Spent With The Harvard Classics: Aristophanes – The Frogs

Born in approximately 446 B.C, the Athenian comic playwright Aristophanes survived the ages with 11 of his 40 plays stilly fairly extant despite having passed away in 386 B.C.  These are the only real remaining examples of ‘Old Comedy’ and is used to define it.   The  “Prince of Ancient Comedy” has been said to have reproduced life in Ancient Athens more convincingly than any other playwright.  His powers of ridicule was a feared commodity among his contemporaries.  In 405 BC, Aristophanes’ play The Frogs was performed in Lenaia in a festival for Dionysus and received first place.

The Frogs may be read beginning here:


Or, alternatively, an enactment of the play may be seen here:





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