Mercury In Retrograde

The Planets - Mercury, The Winged Messenger - Heated Planet

Mercury In Retrograde
by Michael Romani

With a nose outside of my usual encyclopedia
I took a look out into the social media
It seems that astrology has become a meme
But, I ask myself, what does that really mean

People follow and unfollow in endless promenade
Over bad jokes made in Mercury Retrograde
It seems to me a new age starry-eyed rodeo
Nothing more than a quirky little sideshow

I was born under another sort of sign
That is the sign of the Holy and Sacred Cross
Millennials can hope at theirs; I'll keep mine
Fairly certain that it won't be my loss

From New Age boom to today's prevalence
There's an edginess to this seeking for relevance
Back page advice now turned into banner news
In this post-modern world of a million views

Perfectly suited for an internet ease of entry
Bad art and not science has given it popularity
"Hey baby, what's your sign?" low budget mentality
Carried over again for the sake of sentimentality

Without a shred of evidence for its reliability
Gen X and younger seeks correlation to personality
The concept of planets circling in a cocktail party
Keeps leaving me laughing fairly and quite heartily

Still, its yearning for some sense of understanding
Given in a vocabulary that's not overly demanding
Speaks perhaps of a generation looking for an answer
Even if only provided by the most enigmatic dancers

Its all about coping in these modern times of stress
When truth cannot be known and all experts confess
That rather than learn true sorts of coping skills
The urge is in for this new and shinier set of thrills

(c) January 20, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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