Finding Future In the Past

Xibalba Mayan Underworld Dia de Muertos - The Journey Continues

Based on a Sermon centered on The Book of Joshua:4-5

Finding Future In the Past
by Michael Romani

In the Word of God, for the People of God
We remember the past in praise of God
Its a matter of priorities as we center
And focus on the promised land we enter

Having turned the page on keeping present
Moving forward in steps with our own consent
We learn to always keep our eyes toward the future
And keep focused on that which we must nurture

Still, we must also remember fragments of the past
Learning just what it takes to make things last
Recalling the things experienced that reach today
And from this, learning our further, greater way

There are three habits we want to have and instill
Propelling us into a future lived where all is well
There are promises given and meant to be kept
As we learn to live well and forget what we've wept

Build and keep a memorial of twelve stones
Making a memorial reminding us we're not alone
Remembrance of the crossing of the Red Sea
Should be kept ever present in our memory

A visual reminder of God's strength and mercy
In an approach toward and forward on our journey
God does not forsake those who seek Him
It is a steady, sturdy decision of trust, not whim

Hold on to the moments that make up your life
Holding them precious be they peaceful or strife
Sometimes it does us good and recall our blessing
In remembrance of God's will; never left guessing

Sometimes, we need to find our way back to square
So that all we find our way to place that is where
We are keepers of the covenant that we must keep
Bearing God's mark, everlasting and deeper than deep

When we temporarily lose our established ways
It is well and good that we return to our better days
Keeping in mind the reasons that have changed our heart
And from these keeping these reasons; never to depart

Yes, there truly are times we need to live in repentance
The scars self inflicted are often faced with reluctance
But, the good news is there is a way to find our way back
In full realization that it is the Christ center that we lack

Remembering the heights from which we have then fallen
Listen to the wind in your spirit; it is God and He is calling
Reminding us to keep the recognition of the sacred
Living for love and letting go of what can bring hatred

Living life as we recognize the holiness found in each moment
Clinging to that which betters us; leaving behind the torments
That come and go as we walk astride this Holy Ground
That we have under our feet and know that we are heaven bound

Wherever we are, no matter where we go, He is there too
In each moment that we live He is there for me and you
The presence of God is something that is holy and indwelling
Each moment that we live, good and bad, are soul revealing

The fullness of God has never required our reaching perfection
It's more a loving sort of deeper kind of personal connection
Entering into that acceptance that each day is a Holy Day
It's up to us to live this to our best in our every way

(c) January 28, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Baja Sands -  Jesus Saves




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