Sonic Gems: Missy Elliott – Respect M.E.

Well, here we go again, trying to keep a promise to someone that I would check out an occasional Rap album.  Less than two minutes into this and I am once again ready to turn this off.  That being said,  a promise is a promise and this particular CD has had its impact in the world of music.   If you’re a parent or just someone who doesn’t really go for this sort of profanity, know that the CD comes with a parent advisory and the reason for this is apparent within seconds of the first song.  From there, it just goes on and on.  So.. in a sense of fairness:

On July 1, 1971, American rapper, dancer and record producer, Melissa A. Elliott aka Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott was born.  In the early 1990s she started her career in the all female R&B group Sista before becoming a member of the Swing Mob collective and working on other projects as well.  In 1997, she launched her solo career with Supa Dupa Fly.  The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200.  I will refrain from speculating as to if this somehow involved payola of some sort and just realize that being endlessly profane is a thing these days.  There is no doubt that she’s had a fabulously successful career.  Sad to say I got to the fourth song on the CD and felt a strong need to switch on some jazz instead.

Respect M.E. is the first greatest hits by this superstar.  It contains singles from between 1997 through 2005.  Sorry to say that I just cannot get into this at all.  This in mind, Aloha Promises Forever rates this travesty.. errr I mean great CD a solid four out of a possible 10 and only does so based on Grammy Awards and hits and things that I can’t even come close to understanding.  Put another way, I would never let my little girls listen to this and if they choose music like this when they get older, I suppose I’ll have to accept it after a very stern talk.   In short, I was really hoping not to find this disgusting but, life goes on.

Respect M.E. may be listened to here:


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