Sonic Gems: Fishbone – Truth and Soul

Formed in 1979 Los Angeles, California, the rock band Fishbone plays a fusion of ska, punk, funk, heavy rock and soul.    The original lineup included John Fisher on bass, Dr. Madd Vibe on vocals and saxophone, Kendall Jones on guitar, Dirty Walter A Kibby II on vocals and trumpet and Charlie Dowd on keys, trombone and vocals.  Often cited as a very distinctive and eclectic alternative rock band from the late 1980s.  The band acquired a sizable following for their hyperactive, diversity accompanied by heaping dashes of goofiness as well as sharp social commentary.

Truth and Soul was released as Fishbone’s second album on September 13, 1988.  Their cover of Freddie’s Dead originally on the soundtrack from Super Fly is extraordinarily well done.  This audacious party band can be a little jittery but really throw down the jams.  Aloha Promises Forever gives this album a 10 out of 10 because there isn’t a dull moment to be found.

You may listen to Truth and Soul here:




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