The Man In the Bottle

The Architect's Playground - Genie In A Bottle

Continuing with my daughter's challenge to me, we have a poem
based on The Twilight Zone, Season 2, Episode 2:

The Man In the Bottle
by Michael Romani

A couple infinitely patient and quite gentle
The Castles have lived life very simple
As simple as a rusted, locked hope chest
With lost keys, while striving for the best
Until the day an improbable phantom offers fulfillment
Of the gold and precious stones with a twilight glint

The door chime rings as an older lady comes in
Offering the pawnbroker a remembrance of when
An heirloom  handed down for generations
Her tearful thankfulness has its reverberations
A moment's honest confession given out the door
There's just no telling what the future holds in store

A man can only be a failure for only so long
In the hand to mouth of this mausoleum's song
What happens as life goes on and on and on?
What happens when time's trick is all hope gone?
The old bottle tips over and out comes a genie
Offering four wishes and a fractured guarantee

Each wish irrevocable and with its own consequence
Only able to be overturned by another's imminence
Broken glass is offered as Mr. Castle's test
And as easy as that, the task is put to rest
Mrs. Castle knows that in-holiness is what she sees
Mr. Castle remains desperately anxious to please

Asking for a million dollars to be received
More money pours down than can be conceived
Laughing in great joy they give a portion away
Until the taxman shows up that same day
The auditor takes it all away in one swipe
So much for riches; now isn't that ripe?

Five dollars left to hold to their name
An ill considered wish is held to blame
No wishing for wishes is permitted
Reality sinks in hard and in un-relented
Wishing wishes only brings a modicum of happiness
Mostly wishes bring on a wave of emptiness

In total, it's a gross sort of inconvenience
That whatever wished for has its own consequence
Everything must be carefully contemplated
In anticipation of the completely unexpected
What then might be sure and somehow air tight
Mr. Castle wishes for power thinking it is might

Wishing for himself that he might rule a country
As someone unable to be removed by democracy
Suddenly empty at becoming Hitler at brink of suicide
And knowing this the consequence of what he did decide
All these wishes that come to all but not
A Golden Rule that he should have remembered but forgot

With a dash he throws the bottle down
Wishing to become plain Mr. Castle without a crown
And with his fourth wish, he is returned again
To his plain life, his wife, his best friend
All the wishes ended in fragment and pieces
All the karmic consequence a bad choice releases

Sometimes when considered from the other side
The present course isn't so bad, one might decide
Not half bad.. not half bad indeed
Sometimes just a paint job is all that we need
Better to accept the word of the wise
And see your life through refreshed eyes

(c) January 30, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Infinite Drifters - Expect The Unexpected - Who Let the Genie Out?





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