Super Blue Moon

Yamagata - Under the Shimmer of a Blue Moon

Super Blue Moon
by Michael Romani

There's an extraordinary promise
To be found in the super blue moon
So she says and in introspection, I compromise
Basking in the glow and say we'll see soon

Internally thinking blood moon, blue moon
All of this compounded in the super moon
If nothing else, it's something to see
This one night packed with so much activity

Eclipses they say are about opening doors
While perhaps closing some others
A moment of reflection and maybe more
As we close off a chapter to begin another

One candle burns all the way through
She whispers it's time to begin anew
That there's nothing to bog us down
And I just smile wearing a jester's crown

She believes in magic and stardust
And I believe in her and give her trust
She sees the travails and wishes me relief
I just smile, in love, stronger than beliefs

She comforts my life from negativity
And I know and feel our connectivity
She urges that the past belongs to the past
I nod and just pray that we will last

For once it would be nice to be winning
She holds me close in our new beginning
She may not know all, but, she would free me
Of all of these shackles that bind me

(c)  January 31, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Shagwong Cover Resort - Blue Moon



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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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