WordPress – #Daily Prompt – Profuse

Time bleeds profusely across my lost page

Senses felt, sometimes love; others empty rage

Dancing on the ends of pierced second hands

Pivoting with leaping conclusions that sometimes land

You speak to me of patience as time slips away

With promises of forever, you leave me this way

Kidney punches along the blind back side

Didn’t see it coming – these blows to my foolish pride

Sadness scrawls along my vapidly sunken countenance

I whisper acceptance while surrendering my defiance

You say and think there is kindness in your goodbyes

As you explain this again, I wipe the tears from my eyes

Final words spoken in our once upon fairy tale

Is that my last remaining wish is that I wish you – well


Out of the Looking Glass/Into the Madness - Too Much Time On Our Hands





About alohapromisesforever

Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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