Your Body Is A Metaphor

TBME - Drunk Girl 9

Your Body Is A Metaphor
by Michael Romani

There, I said it
Your body is a metaphor
I'm telling you, sister
It's a real tongue twister

One might argue it as intentional
And way beyond conventional
Problematically slippery when wet
Not one anyone easily forgets

This exercise in articulation
Is one enjoyed with great anticipation
One syllable at a time
Anything less would truly be a crime

Look at him all out the elbows
So shabbily dressed
He should keep to the shadows
He's impecunious and she's not impressed

It's no skin off anyone's nose
On might well propose
Though it might be a thorny one
It's all just in fun

Fifty cent words are all jawbreakers
Too much contention is a bellyacher
But maybe this gobstopper will quiet the talk
At least until the blues start to walk

Their rubbernecking is an inquisition
Sometimes curiosity leads to contrition
Especially when it comes to preference
To keep all accidental meetings in reference

To the backhanded sense of compliments
That keep me surly in my temperament
In the two many moments that she's pejorative
She keeps the literal straight into the figurative

We sit here quietly and slowly imbibe
In a palm grease definition we take in bribe
When all is said and done it's all inducement
To move us beyond our discouragement

Our cut off noses tend to spit our faces
When the harm intended switches places
It must be said with some urgency
That I love your body's metaphoric currency

(c) February 1, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Empire - Body Talk





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