To the Unborn

Love, Henry - Arm Chair Confessions

To the Unborn
by Michael Romani

Clothed in Christ
As my redeemer
Some around think
That I'm a dreamer

But, there's no turning back
There is nothing that I lack
As I move on forward
And ever and always toward

Keeping myself reverent
Wanting my life to be different
So much seems unsolvable 
But, I'll do just what I'm able

Shut down by harsh questions
Given up to my hesitations
Living my life with earnest love
Guided by the Lord above

Given over in its portion
It's time we talked about abortion
Everyone has their story
Each is given over to God's glory

This time certain that it's gone too far
It's a silent shame that leaves its scar
Taking the life of your own child
Too often the wages of living too wild

A man's role is to provide and protect
The guilt inside is easy to detect
The price to be paid over and over again
The decisions made are soul's worse friend

58 Million dead since 1973
Society has lost itself to in insanity
At what point does a child conceive
I know this truth, at least, I believe

No one has the right 
To end another's life's fight
God knows us before we form
The rest to life is how we conform

God's workmanship woven together
Every single day, a chance to do better
Not just to live, but, a life
Given love and taken from strife

Known before I was born
The Holy truth does worn
That every name has its story
Each of us born for God's glory

Sometimes the death of dreams
Turns to a world of screams
When that life cannot be saved
Forgiveness is needed in a world so depraved

Every life is a gift from the Lord
As it slices through by His sword
Every life has its plan and purpose
Saving each that we can - that is worth us

Even moments of accidental mystery
Hold forth as the best of history
Life is given as God's present
With a healing hand that never relents

Every life has equal value
Anything else is just a skewed view
Every life has its heart and soul
Too often wrested out of our control

The punishment that comes to us after
Was never meant by the hereafter
The pain and fear that drives the mothers
Is often imposed by mistaken others

Like a thief that comes to steal and destroy
The judgmental act unwisely and employ
The same baby sacrifice that is Satan's way
As for me, I'll fight for life every day

Linked in arms, as we proceed step by step
Away from the things and the ways of death
Life lived from prayer after heartfelt prayer
We know that God will always be there

(c) February 4, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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