Star  Wars:  The Untold Story -  Coordinates Taken

by Michael Romani

Too many are preoccupied by what they could
That they never get around to if they should
A sentiment that you can proclaim with a sigh
Though so few do that I have to wonder why

Going solo can be a risky proposition
It's rarely good to clash into position
Even when on a swashbuckling adventure
Though as cavalier a tight fists clincher

Gun wielding enemies and exciting chases
Smirking and laughter written across faces
Everything is shipshape as chaos erupts
All to bring down an Empire grown corrupt

Straightforward and dramatic in tone
Make the role of the hero, one that he owns
Sarcastically selfish when delivered as written
Not the type to leave space princesses smitten

Self awareness is given away in sly winks
Given away in more moments than one thinks
Slight nods toward an unseen audience
Might tend to increase a penchant for tolerance

Stuck in a similar, familiar faithful tone
The kind that can get perhaps to set in stone
Is it maybe just a little much to ask
To set out on yet another inherently impossible task

(c) February 8, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Star  Wars:  The Untold Story -  Fly By Zoned






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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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