Polished History

The Fall Full Perm Fair - Lamps In the Shades of Black

Polished History
by Michael Romani

Good versus evil; we seek to clarify
As we look back and wonder why
Wishing for terms spoken definitively
As we reassign perceptions of history

The best of history provokes cognitive dissonance
Particularly when seeking truth beyond immanence
Is it just too much to hope for and expect
A truth of history spoken that isn't suspect?

Today, we see this as Poland seeks to escape
Culpability for death camps on its landscape
Once used by NAZIs as centers for mindless killing
And true enough, the Polish were assuredly unwilling

It seems it touches a nerve about Poland's place
And what it wears as its universal face
"Polish Death Camps" are a term of distortion
There wasn't much complicity of any real portion

Poland herself was a victim of NAZI aggression
These Righteous Among Nations fought this repression
Risking their lives to aid the wrongly hated Jews
More than many others, the Poles have paid their dues

Yet, here we sit in this 21st Century pondering
If they have a right to dignity and even wondering
If that isn't some sort of human right violation
To want to preserve the good name of an innocent nation

(c) February 11, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Neu Wulfenstadt - Unrezzable Pieces To This Game














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