Proof In the Midst of It All

God's House Of Prayer - Sharpened By the Word

Based on 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Proof In the Midst of It All
by Michael Romani

Equipped by scripture to do good
Trained in righteousness understood
We look at the case for Christianity
Examining the facts for its certainty

Some things offered for validity
To remind us of the accuracy
Knowing the ways of the Father
Growing just a little farther

Prepared to answer for our hope
Ready to answer in it full scope
Giving the Lord's truth in question
A full account without hesitation

There we are in our daily walks
Spreading truth of the Jesus talks
For us, we begin with the New Testament
We find the evidence that is tantamount

Unshackled from the world's illusion
Finally freed from all this confusion
There are reasons that we can trust
And the truth is that we must

The Bible is a work of great accuracy
Acknowledged in its authenticity
Carefully copied in manuscript
Checked and double checked in script

The New Testament passes the test
That time proof that puts to rest
Very carefully tested before inclusion
Many works rejected in their exclusion

The trouble was may to leave out
Any work that raised any doubts
Was subjected to great scrunity
Those kept were kept in accuracy

The message given is one of power
One that offers much and never sours
If only we should be faithful to the Word
Avoiding the pitfalls of the absurd

Over and over this truth is revealed
Unraveling the things kept concealed
Jesus is our great teacher and healer
With no wiser counsel than found there

(c) February 11, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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