First Principles: Heavy Taxation Leads To Wretchedness and Oppression

“The fore horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follow that, and in its turn wretchedness and oppression.”  – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Samuel Kerchival, 1816

The correct thing to do about many of the issues touted as having paramount importance in the heat of passions raised sometimes by those who are well meaning and other times by those seeking our nation’s worse outcome is to put everything to the test of the rule of law.  Where we find the current state of law perhaps lacking, we need to put that thought to the test of the amendment process to change our Constitution.

To pretend our founders meant for us to just run roughshod over our Constitution without consideration of the full voice of the representatives of the people is to destroy our nation one foundational brick at a time.  Something I will never support.  Something that no thoughtful American should.

For too long, we allowed the Left to pretend that the right to bear arms applies to sportsmen and hunters.  We could not be more wrong minded on the subject.  The right to bear arms pertains to self defense against those of our fellows in humanity who would seek to harm or even kill us and to give the people the ultimate authority when (not if) tyranny raises its ugly head.

No doubt that something should be done when too many who are mentally ill are somehow finding their way to weapons and then causing much sorrow by bring much needless death.  How about we look at the catastrophic failure of the GOVERNMENT to enforce the standing laws and take heed of the multiple warnings that the people raise time and again.  In the latest of these heart wrenching mass shootings, there were so many warnings to the local police, to mental health workers, even to the FBI and each of these negligently stood by.  I won’t say it was willful.  I will say that something needs to be looked at and changed there first before infringing on the God given rights of the people.







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